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Besides the fantastic culture, sightseeing and dining on Portugese cuisine, the Portugal beaches hit top priority for many travelers. Two of Portugal's four sides are flanked by the Atlantic Ocean embellishing the country with 800 kilometers of breathtaking coastline and lots of sandy Portugal beaches. Portugal's coastlines are so expansive that different climates are found in the different areas of the country.

The largest waves can be found along the west coast and here visitors can find some of the sandiest shores providing many things to do for all. Algarve has some lovely and peaceful Portugal beaches perfect for sunbathing. It also has some great beaches for surfing or parasailing such as Praia do Tonel close to Sagres.

Some beaches in Portugal are better than others for diving such as Praia da Luz. It's found only five miles west of Lagos and is well suited for kids as it's sheltered and enclosed by dark rock flanking the one side and a small village on the other side perfect for a delicious lunch or dinner. Also near Lagos is the Meia Praia which stretches for 6 long miles and is one of the favored beaches in Portugal. This is a great spot for families as there are lots of things to do for children such as shell collecting, sand castle building and investigating the interesting bits washed up onto shore.

When looking for more secluded beaches in Portugal Praia Figueiras is the ticket! It's located on the route to Sagres and is a pristine, gorgeous bay that stays empty even in the busy season. There are no facilities at this Portugal beach but the main reason it stays fairly empty is because visitors have to park behind the village and walk for roughly 15 minutes to get there but it is worth the short trek.

To the western side of Carvoeiro lies the 60-mile-long beach of Praia do Carvalho. Extremely soft and sandy this Portugal beach is set right in the middle of a pair of cliffs and visitors drive through a neat tunnel to get to it. There are also interesting footpaths and caves that were once used as hideouts by smugglers. To the west of the Portugal resort of Albufeira is Praia da Gale. Rarely too crowded, this Portugal beach has a marked swimming area making it great for the little ones. Windsurfing and water-skiing are also popular here.

One of the nicest beaches in Algarve is Praia do Alvor. It's fantastic for beachside activities such as volleyball or frisbee. Sand dunes extend to the Algarve Cliffs and acres of wide open sand define the area. This Portugal beach has parking nearby and there are several restaurants available for meals.

When looking for a Portugal beach to suit your needs there should be several that will accommodate. There are such a great number of beaches in the country that it's no surprise they are what mainly draws tourists to the region. The great thing is that it's still possible to find a secluded and private Portugal beach which is not easily done in a lot of other beach resort destinations. With so many coastlines to explore, a Portugal holiday can be one big beachside adventure! Beach-hopping is a great way to discover the country's shores and find the true jewels of among Portugal's beaches.

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